Ultimate Boxing Coaches and kids


A club for boxers who are actively sparring, competing or hoping to compete through the England Boxing (ABAE) system. Very strict discipline level, very strict code of conduct.


The Ultimate Boxing Academy is where boxers can learn their craft and either go as far as they can as an amateur boxer or eventually progress into professional boxing.

England Boxing is the national governing body for amateur boxing. Competition ranges from novice club shows all the way to the National Championships, European Championships, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and the pinnacle of amateur sport – the Olympic Games.

Our amateur boxing squad has members from the Lowestoft and Beccles gyms and there will be regular trips either way to gain in house sparring experience at either location. We also travel to other England Boxing affiliated clubs in the region and welcome clubs to visit us.

Once a boxer has gained enough experience through the schools, junior and youth categories they will compete in the senior elite class and will have the opportunity to pursue the higher amateur boxing goals or turn professional.

The academy is officially a pro/am club and professional boxing, licensed with the British Boxing Board of Control is attainable. We work closely with Professional Boxing Centre Norwich and their management / promotional team. If an athlete’s vision and commitment can match that of the coaching and management team the sky really is the limit.

The road to professional boxing:

Our academy coaching team consists of England Boxing Level 2 coaches Matt Smith, Ben Horner, Ron Baldwin and Level 1 coaches Hamish Adkins, Craig Poxton, Marcin Bylicki, Matt Dagless, Kelly Reddington along with our team of up and coming coaches / volunteers. The team is focused on taking boxers as far as possible in the sport. Some will be more suited to staying amateur and chasing the Olympic dream. Others will see their goal in the professional boxing ranks. If the boxer is suited to pro boxing style wise and we feel support through their fan base is strong enough it’s a path which can be taken.

The aim for full academy students is to be developed through hard seasons of amateur boxing competition at club level in order to one day make it into the international amateur ranks or ‘turn over’ as a professional.

Gym owner Matt Smith has held a British Boxing Board of Control licence as a professional trainer / corner man since 2011. With Matt as trainer and guidance from manager Graham Everett, Lowestoft’s Craig Poxton made history when he became the town’s first pro boxing champion. He won the super featherweight southern area title in 2017, beating the highly rated Boy Jones Junior via a 10th round KO in a bout that was shortlisted for fight of the year. Craig also boxed for the English title and WBO European title. He has now retired as a boxer after an amazing career and is now a qualified Level 1 England Boxing coach working regularly with our academy boxers.

The Ultimate Boxing Academy has a strong link with the ‘Professional Boxing Training and Management’ camp in Norwich, headed by Graham Everett, giving fighters the benefit of decades of management and championship level boxing experience. Matt coaches with the Pro-Box Norwich team most Saturdays or Sundays which brings about great sparring opportunities for our academy boxers.

The list of champions from Norwich is distinguished and includes area, English, British, European, Commonwealth and World titleholders past and present. There are regular professional boxing events promoted by Shamrock Boxing Promotions in Norwich. These events have seen many local boxers make the switch from amateur to professional and move on to big things.