Our Mission

We will improve the lives of young people with boxing training and all-round mentoring, supporting our promising young sportspeople through their whole education into a successful future.

Our Approach

We identify young people with the potential to develop their boxing talent focusing especially on those who are at risk of becoming disenfranchised. We will train them through Spring Boxing Academy hosted at Ultimate Boxing gyms, or offsite, using our trainers via Satellite Clubs.

Crucially we will forge strong connections with their schools to ensure that they are applying themselves to their studies. And whilst we don’t expect everyone to come out of school with A* grades, we do expect our students to do the very best they can do, respect their teachers and peers, and contribute positively to the world around them. This is the requirement to maintain their place at the academy and to represent England Boxing as an amateur athlete. The ultimate goal is championship boxing. 

This mentoring will give them focus, discipline and self-respect. Some will emerge as professional boxers, whilst others will benefit for life from the skills and behaviours they learn in their time at the academy. 

This is not a soft option. The physical training is demanding – pitched to push them beyond their comfort zone. The strategic demands of boxing require mental focus, quick thinking and human insight. We believe the discipline of boxing and academic progress can go hand in hand.