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Boxing based fitness for adults and teenagers. There’s no need to book, you can just turn up for this class.

This class is ideal for adults and confident teenagers who want to enjoy the buzz of the boxing gym but don’t actually wish to box in the ring. More and more people are realising how effective boxing training is for general health, fitness, nutrition, motivation and mental health but if getting a jab to the nose or a left hook to the ribs is particularly unappealing this class is for you.

In this class the basics of boxing are taught which is great for self defence. The fitness is of course second to none.

Many people are under the impression they need to ‘lose weight’ but what they really mean is that they wish to lose excess body fat. We will show you how to forget the scales and forget the fad diets. There are many diet plans and ‘weight loss’ methods which are a bit of a con. Short term results can be achieved with some of them but in so many cases the scales just zoom back up when people rebound. So many of these things are not sustainable and are therefore just there to take your money and see you return to start again.

Weight should mean nothing to the average person. Who cares what the scales say? (Boxers do, but remember, you’re not actually a boxer right?) When you train with us your muscles will get bigger, denser and stronger. This means that when you work out those muscles will require more fuel to work so it’s much easier to maintain a caloric deficit – which means burning more energy than you consume via food. That’s how excess body fat is removed. Body fat is just stored energy which has occurred because you’ve consumed a surplus of calories for a long time. Even when you’re not exercising your denser, stronger muscles will use more calories at rest. Your body fat percentage will greatly decrease. You will feel and look healthier. Your heart will love you for it. It’s really very simple but does require work and determination.

What we do is help you change your whole lifestyle employing enjoyable and therefore sustainable methods. We’ll show you how to eat sensibly, burn more calories than you consume and watch the jeans get looser and looser. There’s no quick fix but if you sustain the boxing lifestyle you’ll get there and most importantly stay there.

Lowering your resting heart rate is an important factor which comes with this type of fitness regime. This means you are much more likely to live longer and stay free of illnesses.

Circuit training and strength conditioning are part and parcel of these sessions along with so many forms of exciting exercise to keep it fresh we couldn’t possibly list it all here. You’ll have to come along and see for yourself. The door will be open and friendly, qualified coaches will greet you.

Ultimate Boxing gyms are not full of ego driven people and nobody is judged. We are a supportive bunch of like minded people which is what you really need if you want to see long term results.