Boxing basics and fitness for children over 8 years old.

This class is ideal for young beginners who want to learn boxing basics and take part in health & fitness activities from a young age. It’s a good class for the many youngsters who will love the boxing gym environment but may not have the skill set or determination to actually go all the way and box competitively.

They don’t have to be brilliant at sport or in the greatest shape to join this class but they do need to have the will to succeed and move forward albeit at a pace which is sustainable for them as individuals.

We have a competitive amateur boxing team where the more committed boxers will make it but we try to cater for everyone with classes like these and ensure that children who struggle initially don’t fall by the wayside. You never know how they will turn out in the end.

At the ULTIMATE BOXING KIDS class the younger or non-boxer type kids get the chance to come to a boxing gym and give it a go. Boxing basics are taught along with a reasonable amount of general discipline but the main thing is to enjoy the entry level and not be excluded just because a child doesn’t seem to be boxer material from the outset.

The ULTIMATE BOXING KIDS class is a great starting point. For those kids who do wish to go further into boxing as a sport the opportunity to move up to the ULTIMATE BOXING ACADEMY is attainable once we’ve done the work on the basics and the fitness. We are always happy to discuss when the time is right with parents or carers.

For kids who never want to compete or struggle with the highest discipline and focus level required to box competitively there’s always a place at the ULTIMATE BOXING KIDS class. Once they hit teenage years, if they haven’t progressed into the boxing academy they can move up to the adult boxing fitness class.

Although the training at Ultimate Kids is not quite as serious as our boxing academy it’s certainly not all fun and games. Good behaviour in the gym environment is required from all age groups. All children are taken into this class on a 1 month trial period. We will communicate with parents or carers if the focus level and behaviour are falling short of the required level as this can be detrimental to other children’s progress.