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Using boxing to give young people the best start in life

The Spring Boxing Academy, run by Matt and our team of trainers, identifies young people with the potential to develop their boxing talent, and trains them through Ultimate Boxing gyms or offsite. With a combination of instruction and mentoring, we help the young people improve themselves and prepare them for fighting in the ring.

At the same time we forge strong connections with their schools, to ensure the young people get a well-rounded education which develops focus, discipline and self-respect.

Spring Boxing Academy is about uncovering talent and unlocking potential, but it’s also about supporting youngsters into fulfilling lives. Boxing addresses a lot of issues that can hold back young people in the 21st century and we’re proud to be able to offer this life-changing training.

Some will emerge as professional boxers, some will stay amateur, and others may not choose to pursue the sport. However, they will all benefit for life from the skills and behaviours they learn in their time at the academy.

Class Trainer

Matt Smith

Ultimate Boxing founder and head coach Matt is a BBBofC licensed professional boxing trainer, Level...