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We are continually scouting for youngsters who want to box as amateurs through Spring Boxing Academy and the England Boxing system. The starting point is the non-contact after school ‘Junior Boxing & Fitness For Beginners’ classes at Ultimate Boxing Lowestoft and Beccles.

We operate a progressive ‘pass over’ system, promoting youngsters from the after school beginners class to the full boxing academy which runs in the evenings. When they are ready to start training more seriously with a view to sparring and eventually competing we will have talks with parents or guardians to make sure consent is given. When this happens is based on progress and potential rather than strictly by age – some will start sparring as young as 10, some will compete from age 11, but some will not want to box and can remain in the after school sessions until their early teenage years.

More mature teenagers who don’t want to box but do want to train a bit harder may be offered the chance to attend the adult beginners fitness sessions in the evening.

The idea across the board at Ultimate Boxing is to have the right people in the right classes, and our experienced trainers have a good knack of assessing this correctly through observation and communication with participants and parents.

During the after school junior beginner sessions the basic boxing skills will be taught, but we also occasionally play sports based agility games in a safe, fun environment. This means any and all children can enjoy the boxing gym experience, even if they don’t have the required focus and drive to become competing amateur boxers. A child who doesn’t wish to box is welcome to stay in the after school sessions for as long as they want. Although it’s a beginners class that welcomes all children regardless of ability, they will be required to show good behaviour and discipline. If some children are somewhat lacking in this area, we will help nurture them to make improvements. It doesn’t matter if the skills take time to learn. As long as the effort is there to listen and go forwards bit by bit they will always be welcome.

As mentioned already we constantly make observations, and communication is key to progressing juniors and youths into boxing as a sport if that is their desire. Those who show the necessary commitment to improving skills, fitness, focus and taking it seriously will be worked with and eventually invited to our dedicated Spring Boxing Academy trial sparring sessions before joining the academy. Consent from an adult is always required in writing before any serious boxing training or sparring takes place. Sparring is controlled and not rushed. Nobody gets hurt during trial sessions but the only way for a young person to figure out if they really want to box is to step up the sparring with the coaches’ guidance.

Once a junior has stepped up to the boxing academy there’s no shame in stepping back down if it doesn’t work out initially. We will advise a step back to the after school sessions for those who may struggle with the higher levels of commitment and discipline at the academy. Kids develop over time and there’s no rush. It’s a long road to the ring for real and guidance is needed to nurture talent at the right time and in the right place.

Ultimate Boxing Junior Beginners – what a great place to make a start, with our healthy policy of inclusion, regardless of ability.

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Matt Smith

Ultimate Boxing founder and head coach Matt is a BBBofC licensed professional boxing trainer, Level...