For the purposes of this document photography / photographic will also mean video recording or recording on any mobile device.

Photography and video recording of children and young people participating in boxing is an essential element to the positive promotion of our sport, so the following should be observed:

We are committed to providing a safe environment for children and young people. We shall ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to protect them from inappropriate use of their photographic images.

Photographic images can be a source of identifying children when they are accompanied with personal information for example, ‘this is fifteen year old ‘X’ who is a member of Ultimate Boxing Academy Lowestoft. He enjoys boxing, music and fishing’. This type of information can be gathered and used by child abusers. When assessing the risks of any situation where images are taken or intended to be taken, the primary factor is the potential for inappropriate use of such images.

All children and young people must be appropriately dressed when they are subject

to photography.

No photography shall be permitted in dressing rooms where children are present.

Photography of an event should represent a broad range of children and young

people taking part which might include, boys,  girls and ethnic minorities.

Always seek to have captured the most positive areas of our sport where

participants clearly enjoy the activity.

If any child or young person, or parent or guardian object to any form of photography

at a club or tournament, their wishes will be acted upon appropriately. In the case of

a bout within a tournament, that bout will not be filmed or photographed.

Video recording is acknowledged as a legitimate coaching aid. However, if it is to be

used you should ensure that written parental consent has been obtained. Such films

must be stored securely and handed to the child or parent or destroyed once their

use is no longer justified.

It is good practice to ask all who enter changing rooms or weigh-in areas to disable

their mobile telephones as many have photo recording facilities within them.

These points are not intended to exclude appropriate photography by families and friends, but it excludes these persons from photography in dressing rooms.

If parents or carers take pictures or video of their children at the gym these images must not be shared on social media or elsewhere if any other children not related to them are in view.