It is important to our club and our coaches that people with disabilities are able to enjoy boxing in the best way possible the same as a non-disabled person.

An increasing number of sports clubs throughout England are doing outstanding work to ensure that the experiences they offer are fully inclusive and we pride ourselves on being inclusive at Ultimate Boxing Academy / Ultimate Boxing.


The Equality Act 2010 defines disability as:

“a person that has a physical and mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long term’ negative effect on their ability to carry out normal daily activities.”

We have some strategic priorities that will shape the work which needs to take place in order to better enable deaf and disabled people to move forward in their personal development including physical activity and sport.

Establish that deaf and disabled people are as welcome to use our facilities for the development of physical activity as anybody else.

Build and maintain collaboration between organisations inside and outside of sport to reach more deaf and disabled people and inspire increased levels of physical activity.

Ensure our staff are supported and encouraged to develop a more representative, motivational and well rounded training regime for everybody to enjoy regardless of physical or mental challenges.



At Ultimate Boxing Academy / Ultimate Boxing we have made ourselves and our premises available to a number or schools, Pupil Referral Units and specialist organisations who work with deaf and physically/mentally disabled people. Old Warren House and Everitt Academy have been bringing pupils to help with their challenges in life to good effect for a long time. We’ve worked with Waveney Deaf Society and are open to be contacted by any other organisation or individual who would like to take advantage of our expertise regardless of ability.

Our Lowestoft gym has ample room for wheelchairs to come through the front door and we have improved accessibility at Beccles by having a concrete ramp built where there used to be steps.

Both gyms are located within easy reach of public transport by bus and train.

Health Benefits Which Apply To Everybody Including Deaf and Disabled People.



By Dr. Mike Loosemore MBBS MSc PhD FFSEM, Lead Consultant Sports Physician English Institute of Sport.

• Humans evolved to be physically active.

• Physically active people have half the risk of diabetes, half the risk of some cancers, 30% fewer strokes, 40% fewer heart attacks, better mental health, stronger bones, 30% reduction in dementia.

• Unfortunately 70% of the population is not doing enough physical activity and this is reflected in the increasing amount of diabetes. People with disabilities are less physically active than the general population.


Boxing for Health

• Boxing is a complete fitness regime requiring both aerobic and anaerobic training. It uses every part of the body, for total fitness there is no better sport.

• A high level of self-discipline is required in boxing; many boxers have found these skills useful outside the sport.

• There is a strong anti-smoking anti-drugs ethos in boxing. Most boxers don’t smoke.

• Boxing is the most closely medically regulated of all sports, all boxers need a medical before they can take up competitive boxing, they then have a medical every year, and a medical check every time they box.

• Boxing is very safe as a contact sport with the same concussion rate as ice skating.

• Unlike other sports, serious injuries in boxing, such as broken limbs and broken necks, are almost unheard of.

• Boxing improves self confidence and self belief, allowing athletes to direct their energy in a positive way. Studies have shown that boxers do better economically and socially than their peers who do not box.


Ultimate Boxing Academy / Ultimate Boxing wish to play a part in increasing levels of activity in the population with deafness and disabilities.

For more information and guidance on this subject please contact club secretary Wendy Nicholls by emailing

Alternatively, for advice on possible bookings for deaf or disabled individuals/groups contact Club Welfare Officer Matt Smith by telephone on 07889731717.