Age: : 22
Boxing Experience: : 7 Years
Main Qualification: : Brighton Uni BSc Undergrad
P/T Bookings: : 07889731717

Prior to going off to Uni’ Connor lead our general group training and was trusted with some of our longest standing personal training clients. A favourite with the kids class participants, and carried out external coaching within various education departments including local school system academies.

We first met Connor when he walked into our gym in 2016 as a 19 year old student, CV in hand. Matt was impressed with his attitude from day one and as soon a position arose, Connor was the first person he contacted to offer an interview.

He came on board as a trainee boxing and fitness coach / general gym-hand while in the process of completing his NVQ training at Lowestoft College. This unofficial apprenticeship allowed Connor to gain good hands-on experience in a professional sport environment while continuing his further education.

Connor’s attitude and enthusiasm are second to none – he is very clear on his goals and applies himself thoroughly to ensure achievement. This positivity is contagious and we’re particularly pleased about how it helps the kids in the after-school classes to believe in themselves too with many moving on to the boxing academy after initial work and recommendation from Connor.

He has learned not only boxing and fitness coaching skills but has also entered the realm of boxing himself. Used to contact sports as a former rugby and current American Football team player he’s never been afraid to jump in the ring and spar, and is progressing towards his first competitive match. He is prepared to do this for his own sporting fulfilment but also to benefit his overall understanding of the sport, thus improving his level of coaching for others.

Connor is currently studying a BSc course at Brighton University and once he’s finished his degree in Applied Sport, Health and Exercise Science we will look forward to seeing him join the gang at Lowestoft once more while he figures out exactly where his degree can take him.

Training Experience
Batchelor of Science (BSc) Undergraduate

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