Fit and Fed is the name of our Holiday Activity and Food programme which is co-ordinated with and funded by East Suffolk Council, Suffolk County Council and the Department for Education. Children aged between 8 and 16 years old who are recipients of free school meals are able to enjoy the following activities free of charge during the Easter, Summer and Christmas school holidays:

Boxing: Learning and improving basic punching skills, footwork, pad work with coaches, punchbag routines, cardio fitness, strength, agility and reflexes. All boxing activity is non contact, no actual boxing sparring is allowed. The children do not at any stage punch each other and are under strict supervision at all times.

Circuit Training: Fitness routines for those not so keen on boxing punching activities.

Blaze Pods: Flash reflex training games improving brain processing skills and reaction times. We have so many different games using our high-tech Blaze Pod equipment.

Games: Football & Dodgeball (outside in the courtyard at Lowestoft and inside the sports hall at Leiston / Beccles.)

Nutrition Education: Making the classroom fun with quizzes, word searches (and food related artwork on our blackout chalk paint walls at Lowestoft.) We give the children a good basic understanding of the importance of proper nutrition. We also offer follow up support for parents throughout the year.

The activities run for up to four hours a day and are enriching in sport, fitness, new skills and gaining nutritional advice. We provide a full healthy meal and half time snack/drinks which comply with DfE standards.

All free of charge for kids who receive free school meals.

Since its inception in 2019 Ultimate Boxing have been providers for the Suffolk Holiday Activity and Food Programme.

Our locations for the project are:


Ultimate Boxing Gym, 68 High Street, NR321JB


Ultimate Boxing Gym, Peddars Lane (opposite Durrants Auction House) NR349UE


Waterloo Centre, Waterloo Avenue, Leiston IP164HE

The places are free of charge to parents of children aged between 8 – 16 years old who are recipients of free school meals.


TEXT ‘INFO’ TO 07889731717


The Holiday Activity & Food programme is coordinated and funded by East Suffolk Council, Suffolk County Council, Department For Education, and delivered by Ultimate Boxing.

2022 Fit and Fed schedule:


Mon 25th
Tue 26th
Thur 28th
Fri 29th


Mon 1st
Tue 2nd
Thur 4th
Fri 5th

Mon 8th
Tue 9th
Thur 11th
Fri 12th

Mon 15th
Tue 16th
Thur 18th
Fri 19th

Beccles 10am to 2pm
Lowestoft 11am to 3pm
Leiston 1pm to 5pm


Mon 19th, Tue 20th, Wed 21st, Thur 22nd.

Beccles 10am to 2pm
Lowestoft 11am to 3pm
Leiston 1pm to 5pm